2.5 Liter Barrel


  • American oak barrel enhances flavor of any liquor
  • Lets contents breathe and releases impurities while allowing natural flavor infusion
  • Includes stand and spigot for bar top display
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Ships directly from manufacturer, please allow 2 weeks for delivery


Why bother with all these knock-off barrels that look good as pictures but as soon as soon as they arrive they’re leaking all over the place like a baby putting on diapers for the first time. Stop dealing with the poor quality barrels on the market and check out our 2.5 L Barrel.

Our 2.5L aging barrel should be an essential home bar accessory in your home. Our barrels for whiskey, tequila, rum, and wine — or any other spirit you like — mellow the spirits to utter perfection in just a few short weeks. The oak barrels the old-fashioned way so no contamination from nails, glue, or anything else that could prevent you from getting the best taste possible.

The reason why older liquor tastes better (and is more expensive), is because the oak lets the spirits breathe. That gets rid of the impurities and allows natural flavors to infuse the spirit. What you get is a smoother, richer taste that makes every sip wonderful and magnificent. Use your barrel over and over again, and you’ll find your next batches take on the characteristics of whatever you aged before. Best of all, aging liquor is easy in our oak barrels, because we give you everything you need.

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