TDN – Flame Flow™ 30 Gallon Copper Moonshine Liquor Distillation Unit w/ Lifetime Warranty

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30 Gallon Flame Flow™ Moonshine Still – Complete Unit

What is the Flame Flow™ Moonshine Still?

It has effectively, revolutionized the hobby distillation landscape.  

With insane customer feedback to back up our claims, it is an honor to present to the world the one, the only Flame-Flow™.  

This copper moonshine still is unlike any other moonshine still on the marketplace.  You are looking at the real deal here folks.  This copper moonshine still is equipped with 4 massive tubes that carry the flame up and through your moonshine still.  

This new method of delivering heat to your moonshine still is un-comparable to any other distillation unit on the marketplace.  The time trials speak volumes.  

This unit took over two years to develop and fine tune.  There were over 100 man hours of logged testing to ensure that not only our claims were accurate, but, the unit is safe for consumer purchase.  We have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our customers about the Flame-Flow™


This is a complete kit which includes the…
 POT, THUMPER, WORM, and CAP with Temperature Gauge, built with 100% lead free materials.


Pot and Cap – 30 Gallon

Thumper – 9×9 inches (Upgraded Thumper)

Worm – 10×12 inches (Upgraded Worm)


46 pounds

Copper Thickness

20 oz. 22 Gauge Pure Organic Copper Sheets (Lead Free)


Distilled, Purified Water (turn salt water into fresh water)
-Moonshine and other Distilled Spirits
-Essential oils and Perfumes
-Ethanol Gas (make your own Gas to run engines or heat your home)
-Marinade for meats and poultry
-Hash Oil from Marijuana (for medical purposes only)
Plus Much, Much More!!!

Estimated Output

            Formula for calculating mash output: Alcohol by Volume x Pot filled with product (Using 10 Gallon Complete Unit)

            Example 1 – Weak Mash (i.e. Wine) = 11% Alcohol by Volume

            Expected Output = 11% x 30 Gallons = 3.3 gallons of liquor

            Example 2 – Stronger Mash = 30% Alcohol by Volume

            Expected Output = 30% x 30 Gallons = 9 gallons of liquor 


Free Shipping all over the Continental USA except for Alaska and Hawaii. For all other orders, give us a call at our phone number to see how we can deliver to your location. 


Standard Orders (All other orders): 1 -2  Weeks to Ship


Wow Video
 Flame Flow™ Intro

The Distillery Network is an artwork company that specializes in the manufacturing and production of Copper Artwork. Our skilled craftsmen create these unique, yet fully functional pieces of art located in the state of New Hampshire.

We specialize in the manufacturing and production of COPPER MOONSHINE STILLS, which are handcrafted to perfection!  Made using heavy guage copper and lead free solder, our units are built to last. All of our units are water tested and have ZERO leaks.

We are available to answer your questions so please call us or visit our web site at

We also do custom orders….

Jonathan Zajac


All of our units come with a lifetime warranty from The Distillery Network Inc.

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